The only graduate scholarship exclusively for students with a Native connection pursuing a degree in writing or literature.

The Jessica Tyner Scholarship Fund was created as a rung to help graduate students with a connection to the Native community pursue advanced studies in creative writing and literature. Tyner, Jessica’s maiden name, is a very common surname within the Cherokee Nation.

Many students are told, “There’s no money in a writing degree,” but that’s not true. Jessica Tyner Mehta is a poet, writer, and member of the Cherokee Nation who was awarded 19 scholarships as an undergraduate student majoring in English. However, when graduate school rolled around, scholarships were few and far between particularly in writing/literature.

She created this fund as a reminder that not only does the written art matter, but there are also lucrative career paths after the commencement ceremony. Whether students are pursuing their passion for poetry, short stories, novels or technical writing, having a scholarship just for them serves as a reminder that they’re not alone and their talents are appreciated.

The Jessica Tyner Scholarship Fund is administered by the Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC), although any student attending an accredited graduate program in the US may apply. Connect with us on Facebook or find out more at the Peterson’s Guide!