Pro Bono

Writing and editing blend immense talent with staggering skill—which is why top tier professional writers/editors can command high rates. However, at MehtaFor giving back is just as important as fixing a wayward comma, finding the perfect word to end an article, or capturing a client’s voice (okay, maybe giving is more important than all these things).

MehtaFor accepts a limited number of projects each year for complimentary writing and/or editing. Space is limited and dependent on pitches and the size of total projects. However, preference is given to:

  • Non-profits in the Pacific Northwest of the US  focusing on health, the arts, child welfare or animal welfare
  • Native American led non-profits located anywhere in the US and Canada

If you have a project that would benefit from professional writing or editing, please send a short pitch via the below form. All queries will receive a response within five business days.