About Jessica

I’m Jessica (Tyner) Mehta, PhD and founder of MehtaFor, a national award-winning small business.

Looking for Jessica’s author site? It’s right here at www.thischerokeerose.com

MehtaFor isn’t a “writing farm” or “content mill.” One hundred percent of all writing and editing is done by me, unless other arrangements are explicitly made with the client (see below for more information about MehtaFor trainees).

A native Oregonian and a member of the Cherokee Nation, I’ve been a writer and editor for more than ten years. Committed to diverse projects, I have built a reputation based on perfectly capturing the voice of a client, flawless editing, and maintaining the highest professional standards with every project.

Talk about an Author Bio!

I’m TEFL-certified with a PhD in English, an MPhil in English, MSc in writing, and a bachelor’s degree in English. I’ve taught university writing courses in the US, UK, South Korea, and Costa Rica as well as writing workshops with the International Women’s Writing Guild, the Oregon Writing Festival, and Loft Literary Center. I was awarded a teaching artist residency with Literary Arts where I taught a writing course at Portland public schools. I’ve been awarded writer-in-residency posts around the globe, including at Hosking Houses Trust and Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, Paris Lit Up in France, and the WISC Acequia Madre House in Santa Fe, NM.

Writing bridges the gap between “art” and “skill,” which makes teaching it a tricky beast to tame. Teaching writing takes the innate talent, training and education to best pass the skill to others.

Like many writers, typing away is more than a career calling. My personal writing leans towards poetry and fiction. I’m the author of six collections of poetry including the forthcoming Savagery and Constellations of My Body, Secret-Telling Bones, Orygun, What Makes an Alwaysand The Last Exotic Petting Zoo as well as the novel The Wrong Kind of Indian and business book 100 Ways to Make $100k with Your English Degree.  

My complete CV, bibliography and book reviews can be found at my author site.

Fluff is for Bunnies & Stiffness for Statues

I belong to the camp of professionals who believes words are meant to be read. Obviously, right? However, a lot of the time when people aren’t confident in their skills (usually non-writers whose talents are in other arenas), it results in fluff, stiff context, and often a generous peppering of grammatical errors.

I’m a professional who writes for readers, whether that means conversationally whimsical or professionally straightforward. Turning complex, confusing and sometimes boring industry jargon into digestible, engaging content is her specialty.

It takes a writer who knows the rules to break them.

Interested in Helping a New Writer/Editor Grow (and Save Money in Return)?

I take on a very limited number of budding writers and editors to groom and train. They’re taught how to make a lucrative living as a writer/editor and are paid at or above industry standards for their work. Each one is exceptionally talented, though they are often recent graduates or otherwise starting out in their writing/editing career.

Some trainees are also bi-lingual translators (not yet certified). I edit their finished draft myself, and clients who are interested in hiring a trainee can enjoy the same quality and fast turnaround, but at a slightly lower rate.