MehtaFor is your special house sauce for premium writing and editing. Founded by Jessica (Tyner) Mehta, PhD get yours straight up and simply technical, with an SEO twist, or as a creative blog served neat. That’s no metaphor—it’s MehtaFor for all your wordy needs.

(For more information on the state of writing in the digital age, check out the MehtaFor infographic designed by the talented Lorna Nakell.)

“All styles are good, except the tiresome kind.” —Voltaire

Anyone who remembers the pressure of creating that perfect report knows the reality. Writing isn’t easy. It’s both a skill and an art. Sometimes it means taking care of business with a little finesse. Other times it means completely revamping an existing document to make it come to life, which turns writers into literary Dr. Frankensteins. Editing requires knowing the ins and outs of grammar, the rules of APA to MLA, and having a strong opinion about the serial comma. Bob from marketing might whip up some great campaigns and have a list of media contacts longer than Voltaire’s quotes, but chances are he isn’t a “writer”.

It doesn’t matter if you are part of an international corporation or a one-man show operating from the home office (or couch). Great writing can make the difference between driving traffic to a site, reeling in customers, showcasing a 100 percent professional image—or largely missing the mark.

Writing for Professional Success

One misplaced comma or tone that just isn’t “right” can make or break a project and a company. Having a polished image is crucial and requires more than a sharp suit. Writing might not be for everyone, but it’s a critical part of business. You wouldn’t rely on a “good enough” accountant to keep the books or a “pretty decent” cosmetic surgeon to craft a new nose, so make sure the same care is taken when it comes to communication.

What’s “Mehta for,” then? Writing, editing, SEO-rich content, blogging, landing page content, evergreen content, product descriptions, articles and anything else you read online or in print.